Library Q-ID Controller is the OTP manager that allows us to provide end users with One Time Passwords on any device they prefer

The Library Q-ID Controller is unique because:

- It's Universal: Library Q-ID Controller provides One Time Passwords on any device and any Operating System. Smartphones, Tablets, PCs and even Traditional Tokens can be managed

- It's Multiprovider: once the end user has got the free Q-ID App on his device, he can use just that App for all Service Providers that have adopted Library Q-ID Controller

- It's Free for the End User: just download the Free Q-ID App and you’ll be ready to get OTPs from your Providers

- It's Free of maintenance and substitution costs: no physical Token required

- It's Free for the Service Provider, with a trial or small business license allowing them to manage up to 5 end users

Library Q-ID Controller is THE SOLUTION for managing OTPs