Library Q-ID Controller is a Central SW Consolle that manages the library of encrypted keys needed to generate the OTPs for the End Users

Library Q-ID Controller is extremely flexible, simple and secure, both for the Service Provider and for the End User

Service Providers just have to:

- Register their profile in the “Login” area, in the Q-ID Website

- Download the Software Consolle Licences for the number of End Users that need to be managed. One End User - One License, free up to 5 Licenses / End Users

- Inform the End Users that the Q-ID Free APP can be downloaded on their Smartphone, Tablets, PCs

End Users just have to:

- Download the Q-ID APP on their devices: Android or iPhone Smartphones, Windows or MAC PCs

- Enroll in the OTP Service provided by the Service Provider, by following the simple instructions provided

- Ask for the OTP needed from the APP every time it’s required

… and it’s free                                                         Click here to read more