HSM Certification Process
Update on the status of the certification process of HSM, according italian regulation”


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GT50 is a Visionary Innovators Company

We are focused in turning technology into real worth applications

GT50 people has got more than 30 years experience in digital security and protection

We are engaged in combining different existing and robust technologies - like 2D Timbro Digitale and QR Code - to enhance Security and application of Digital Certification Solutions

Our Mission is turning technology into real Value Added Applications, keeping the best standards in term of security of the process managed

We give Technical Service and Support to more than 100 Customers - Public and Private Market - provided with "Digital Secure Seal" or "Timbro Digitale" Solutions

We also provide our customers with Consulting Services, to share our competences with Customers who prefer to make instead of buying

2D-Plus® Decoder is the program needed to decode the "Timbro Digitale" 2D-Plus® on documents. This software was developed for the Windows® platform.
A setup file is provided to install all the necessary software for the proper functioning of the application.
In order for the 2D-Plus Decoder® to capture and decode all the data in the "Timbro Digitale"
2D-Plus® your computer must have a Twain-compatible scanner configured and be connected to it.

2D-Plus® Word Add-In is Secure Edge's plug-in for Microsoft Office Word® 2003 based on 2D-Plus® technology.
By activating the plug-in within a session you can create Microsoft® Word documents that once printed will be protected from alteration and forgery.
2D-Plus® Word Add-In creates a "Timbro Digitale" which holds the entire processed document and its author’s digital signature.
"Timbro Digitale" is a digital two-dimensional 2D-Plus® code which can be placed anywhere in the document, thus ensuring the continued safety and verifiability of the document.
To check the authenticity of the printed Word document you just plug it into any scanner and the
2D-Plus® decoding free software will return the file in the standard format of digital signatures, which can be analyzed using a verifier provided by the official certification bodies.

The public list of certifiers is available on the site CNIPA: www.cnipa.gov.it

2DPlusWordAddInSetup1.16.0.3.exe Decoder2DPlusSetup3.2.10.exe